Cannabis Investments

Cannabis is quickly being recognized as a powerful medicine capable of treating an array of diseases. With legalization seeming inevitable, its time to invest before its too late.

CBD/Hemp Based Investments

The non-psychoactive component of the Hemp and Cannabis plant have also shown incredible medicinal and overall health uses. Plus, its legal in all 50 states.

Cannabis/CBD Tech Investments

There are many ways to get involved with investing in Cannabis, and New Tech is a big one. Find out how tech based companies are set to create a cultural revolution.


US Legal Cannabis Sales Could Grow By 50% in 2018

The legal cannabis and hemp industry has seen explosive growth in the last couple years with some seeing a triple or quadruple percentage return on their investments. Despite the industry still operating under the concerns of federal restrictions, US legal marijuana sales are projected to grown by nearly 50% in 2018, alone.

Incredible Overall Economic Impact

The cannabis and hemp industry will not only revolutionize the current hypocrisy behind the medical and justified uses of the plant, but will have significant economic impacts as well. The industry is estimated to have a jobs growth rate of 22% through 2022 with an annual economic impact of more than $75 billion per year by the same, nationally.


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