Scientific Research Finds That Cannabis Growth Could Be The Solution To The Opioid Epidemic

Cannabis, or marijuana, is one of the most frequently used illicit drugs in the US and throughout Western society. It also has the longest recorded history of human drug use. The reason that marijuana is so widely used is that it provides a sense of euphoria and changes sensory perception. However, one of the drawbacks to its use is that it can cause psychoactive reactions that are unfavorable. But, thanks to new technology, scientists have discovered a way to remove THC and its synthetic analogs to create a medicinal hemp alternative that provides all the benefits without any adverse psychoactive side effects. New research is pointing to cannabis growth as a possible solution to the opioid epidemic.

The Growing Opioid Overdose Crisis

Statistics show that as many as 115 people in the US die daily due to an overdose of opioids. Not only is the growing opioid crisis emotionally taking its toll on the American family unit, but it is also taking a significant toll on the economic welfare of the country. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the total economic cost of the opioid epidemic exceeds $78 billion annually. Financial losses include things such as addiction treatment, criminal court fees, health care, and lost productivity. 

The Rise Of Opioid Use In America

During the latter half of the 1990s, manufacturers of opioids assured the public health community that those who were prescribed pain medication would not become addicted. That led the medical community to make opioid drugs more readily available, and physicians began to prescribe them at a much higher rate than ever before.

The Result Of Over-Prescribing

As a result of the increase in opioid prescriptions, in 2015, over 33,000 Americans died due to opioid overdose. In the same year, two million people in the US suffered from substance abuse issues related to opioid use, and over 590,000 people from heroin use. The public health consequences of opioid misuse and overdose have far-reaching complications like neonatal abstinence syndrome and the spread of infectious diseases like hepatitis C and HIV due to sharing infected needles.

Hemp Based Medicinal Products Are The Key To Curbing Addiction

Recent research has shown that hemp-based products that alter the endocannabinoids system have great promise for providing an alternative to traditional pain medications and curbing the opioid epidemic. Scientists have designed a way to make endocannabinoids safe for patients of all ages and to produce it in such a way that it has all the benefits of a medicinal pain reliever without any of the harmful psychoactive possibilities. When you manufacture hemp without THC, it has the promise to become a therapeutic agent that can overhaul the current pain treatment paradigm in the US and across the Western world.

The misuse and overdose of opioids in the US and abroad have reached epidemic proportions. It has taxed not just the emotional wellbeing of the American family, but also the economics of the nation. Hemp-based cannabinoid products void of THC may be the answer to providing a much more effective, safe, and less costly medicinal product for people of all ages. Because it holds so much promise for the pain industry, those who invest early will see a windfall of profit in the future. To secure your financial future by investing in cannabis growth, contact Maricap today.