North American Cannabis Summit

Cannabis investors should always stay on top of their research. The market is fairly new and always exciting, which means that research is essential. While information about cannabis frequently changes, there’s no shortage of resources to help investors learn more. The North American Cannabis Summit is one of those resources. 

North American Cannabis Summit 

The Summit is a yearly conference that covers all the latest cannabis information. Attendees get to learn from expert speakers and catch up on what’s happening in the industry. A lot of the information at the conference can help investors stay on top of their portfolio game. Here are just a few of the reasons why investors should check out the summit. 

Updates On Legalization 

Until cannabis gets full federal legalization in the US, the topic of legalization will be a huge concern for American investors. The North American Cannabis Summit covers the most recent legalization updates. These days, most speakers believe that legalization is a question of “when,” not “if.” The conference covers a lot of discussion over when the US government will do what Canada already did and legalize cannabis for recreational use

Regulation And Safety 

Now that more states are legalizing recreational cannabis, people have questions about regulation and safety. What are cannabis companies doing to ensure that they produce consistent-quality products? What federal regulations will have to take place for the industry to continue? What can the US learn from Canada and even from individual states about regulation? Federal cannabis regulation and safety standards will have a big impact on where investors put their dollars. 

The Social Conversation 

Finally, the North American Cannabis Summit keeps up the conversation long after the conference has ended. Attendees and followers can track relevant hashtags on social media, look for follow-up questions, and more. The Summit provides a springboard for interested investors to see all the latest updates. Furthermore, thanks to the social part of the conversation, investors may even connect with each other to share perspectives. 

Keep An Eye Out 

The North American Cannabis Summit hasn’t announced any 2020 conference dates just yet, so keep an eye out for those. In the meantime, the Summit’s website has tons of information from the 2019 conference. Take a look at the site for more information and see what interests you as a cannabis investor.