6 Reasons You Should Invest In Cannabis Today

If you are looking for a way to make an excellent return on your investment, look no further than the cannabis industry. The projected growth of US recreational and medical marijuana sales is exponential. In 2016, sales totaled $6.5 billion, and estimates are that by the year 2025, that number will be over $24 billion. Although some fear that a slowdown is imminent, there are no economic indicators to support that concern. As any good investor knows, getting in on the ground floor is key. So now is the time to invest in cannabis for a secure financial future. These six reasons are why investing now is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

#1 Other States Have Yet To Legalize It!

Sales have already grown by exponential proportions even though there are still 20 states who have not legalized the use of cannabis. If those states legalize marijuana, the financial windfall will be extreme, and so will the profits of those who invest pre-legalization.

#2 The Sales Are Projected To Grow

Even without legalization in the 20 states that do not currently allow marijuana for medical use, the sales projections are off the charts. If you add in the additional revenue that comes from the non-legalized states, that will increase the estimates significantly. This means there is always room for growth!

#3 44 States Might Legalize It For Recreational Use

Not only do you have 20 states left to legalize marijuana, currently 44 states have not legalized marijuana for recreational use. If some or all of them do, that is going to push the financial forecasts even higher. 

#4 The Industry Is Vast And Wide 

Investing in cannabis is not just about medical marijuana and recreational use. It also encompasses other products that are hemp- and cannabis-derived, like CBD oil. The CBD oil forecasts are rising too. When you add all the products together, there is no end to where the sales projections can go.

#5 There Are So Many Ways To Diversify

Within the cannabis industry, there are a lot of places to invest. You can invest anywhere from dispensaries to growers. If you diversify well, there shouldn’t ever be a dip in the market. When you invest, make sure to spread the investment around to several different components of the industry to gain the most.

#6 It Is A Once-In-A-Lifetime Opportunity

Not many commodities in history have witnessed such amazing sales growth; nor have the forecasts for even more been so high. Everyone has that “could’ve been rich” story – don’t let this be yours.

The key to investing is getting in on the ground floor, not when it has reached its pinnacle performance. With no end in sight for the cannabis industry, now is the time to get in and invest. It is a rare opportunity that can secure your financial future. Call Maricap today to discuss the best way to invest in cannabis today!