Top 4 Marijuana Industry Trends

When it comes to marijuana investments, industry trends are fascinating. It’s always a good idea to stay on top of the trends while you do your market research. These trends can give you some insight and ideas about where you might put your investment dollars. Here are some trends that have impacted the marijuana investment market. 


Whether it comes from hemp or the marijuana plant itself, CBD has taken off, becoming one of the biggest industry trends in the market. Hemp-derived CBD is now legal across the US. The novelty of this product has made it quite popular across the country. There’s no shortage of opportunities to invest in CBD. Other marijuana and marijuana-adjacent products are impacted by limited legality. CBD, with its country-wide legality and versatility, has made a big impact on the market. 


Cannabis is gaining a better public opinion these days. However, smoking marijuana still comes with a certain level of stigma. Furthermore, people who are new to cannabis can find smoking intimidating. That’s why edibles have become one of the top industry trends. Edible gummies and tablets provide a non-intimidating way for people to try cannabis. They’ve become one of the top alternatives to smoking and vaping. As a result, they’ve gained a lot of popularity among investors, too. 

Topical Products 

Not every marijuana product is smoked or ingested. As a matter of fact, topical products are one of the top marijuana industry trends. Many of these topicals offer pain relief. Pain sufferers can apply these products directly to the site of the pain. Many people report that marijuana topicals work faster than other methods of pain relief. Other cannabis topicals provide skincare solutions. You can find cannabis in bath bombs, moisturizers, and more. 

Focus On Healthcare 

Of course, one of the biggest industry trends isn’t in the products themselves but in how people approach those products. Previously, discussions about marijuana centered around its psychoactive compounds. These days, the conversation focuses on health benefits. Studies focus on how cannabis impacts mental and physical recovery. This shift in focus is part of the reason why public opinion has changed so much. 

Industry Trends 

It’s always a good idea to keep an eye on industry trends. The more informed you are about potential investments, the better your decisions will be. Keep visiting our site for more information about industry trends in the cannabis market. Our team is always ready to help.