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What is the Endocannabinoid System (ECS)?

What is the difference between legal cannabis and hemp?

Hemp and cannabis are two plants from the same family. The plant which is grown for its high TCH content is commonly referred to as marijuana which traditionally has a negative reputation due to its psychoactive effects when consumed. Despite this traditionally bad standing with society, it has recently been gaining significant traction with recreational and medicinal users with states legalizing it in droves. Hemp, however, is very low in the psychoactive component, THC, and high in another mutually beneficial compound CBD. Due to the fact that CBD is non-psychoactive and legal in all 50 states, hemp based products have seen a significant rise in attention and production. Both plants and compounds, along with another ~400 cannabinoids, have seen early implications of significant health benefits and are seeing a rapid rise in investor interest and research.

How do I invest?

Each one of our projects are tailored differently and will require one of our specialists to review in detail how each deal is structured. Please keep in mind that you must be an accredited investor to be considered for participation. (If you are unaware of what accreditation means you can find the definition here Accredited Investor)

Can I get in any legal trouble for investing in this industry?

Absolutely not. The 10th amendment has given the states rights to allow this industry to flourish. The federal government has no recourse to punish any individuals participating in this industry within each state's respective laws and regulations. Plus, we make sure our legal team structures each deal in accordance with current restrictions and guidelines. If you have further questions, then please feel free to contact us