What Is The Difference Between Hemp And Cannabis Producing?

Not many people understand the difference between hemp and cannabis. With the passing of the Farm Act of 2018 making the use of industrial hemp legal, it is essential that those considering hemp and cannabis investing know what the difference is between the two. To invest wisely, consumers should also understand the production of both.

Where Do Hemp And Cannabis Differ?

Unlike cannabis, hemp has only a minute amount of THC. THC is the compound found in marijuana that produces the psychoactive or euphoric feeling. Marijuana was banned in the United States in 1937 specifically because of the nature of its psychoactive properties. The government prohibited its use because there was a concern about addiction and substance abuse by the public.

Hemp Has Many Uses

Hemp is not only grown to harvest cannabinoids; it is also used for rope, paper, clothing, food and can even be compounded to make industrial building blocks for construction also known as “hempcreate” or “hemplime.” Since the legalization of industrial hemp, the production of it has grown exponentially and is already on track to become a billion-dollar industry. The Farm Bill passed by the Senate makes the production of hemp legal, which means every component of it, from cultivating to processing to sale, is now open for investment. 

Why Now Is The Time For Hemp And Cannabis Investing

Thanks to the passing of the Farm Act, it is now legal to grow hemp as industrial crops for the first time in over 80 years. With the lifting of the ban of 1937, hemp production will increase ten-fold. The bill will encourage a surge in rural farming communities across America that will experience an increase in sales and the potential for enormous growth. 

What About Cannabis?

Included in the bill was the legalization of other derivatives of the cannabis crop. The ban on some cannabinoids, i.e. CBD derived from medical marijuana and hemp, is also gone. Thirty states already allow medical marijuana use. If other states follow suit, the need for both hemp and cannabis crops will soar like few other industries ever in the American economy. 

With the passing of the Farm Act, now is the time to invest in cannabis and hemp. The industry is projected to be in the billions of dollars, whether or not more states legalize marijuana and cannabinoids. If they do legalize cannabis, those figures will be staggering. The key to investing is to have the foresight to get in early. Now is the time to start! Contact Maricap today to discuss hemp and cannabis investing today!